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Ciner Group maintains its mission undertaken for the future of our country's mining and energy sectors by making innovative-technology investments, procuring continuous employment increase and causing economy to gain the same.

Particularly, Şırnak Silopi Asphaltite project, the investment of which is maintained in the Southeast Region of our country, has great importance in respect of the economic and geographical location. The relevant project is a project, which is environmental friendly, within the scope of which the workers health and work security regulations are primarily applied to the employees, by which considerable economic and social contributions are made to the region and the society of the region.

Our mining activities are conducted completely in compliance with the Environmental Effect Evaluation Regulations of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and additionally, we, as a group, have high level of conscious of environmental protection and procurement of the inhabitants of the region with a healthy and clean environment.

Besides the employment and economic contributions, contribution to the social and communal needs of the region has priority in our vision and mission. Within this frame, the existing two districts within the scope of our activity region are provided with free health services through enhancement of the existing village clinic and procurement of an ambulance and health officer. Additionally, our high- school construction with 16 classrooms to offer educational services to these two districts is continuing.

Furthermore, in Silopi town, a well-equipped primary school consisting of 14 classrooms and 1 preschool kindergarten has been completed and is about to come into service in 2005-2006 education session.
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