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The copper has become one of the metals used by the human being since very ancient times. In conjunction with the gradual development of the technology, the world’s copper production and consumption preserved their rising trend.

Data from London Metal Exchange indicate us that in global copper supply, North and South America have 43%, Asia 32%, Europe 19%, Oceania 4% and Africa 2% shares.

The table above, indicating the development in production, shows that total production in two years time has grown by 10%.

ISCG Analysts expect a further growth of 7% at the end of 2008 compared to the previous year. The growth in copper production is in parallel with the global economic development.

According to a study carried out by ISCG, demand for copper is expected to rise in China, Russia and India and fall in the European Union, USA and Japan.

An interesting note; it is estimated that annual production in 1990 is below 1000 tons!

Source: International Copper Study Group

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