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Investment of Tarihler Hydroelectric Power Plant

On October 25, 2007, Park Elektrik filed an application with the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (“EMRA”) to get 49 years-generation license for Tarihler Hydroelectric Power Plant with the capacity of 49.9 MWm/47.6 MW, planned to be established within the borders of Siirt Province and our Company was found eligible to get generation license for the relevant project according to EMRA Resolution dated December 4, 2008 and numbered 1866-13. The generation license for Tarihler Hydroelectric Power Plant, obtained from EMRA, was taken delivery from the Energy Market Regulatory Board on May 28, 2009. It is targeted that the investments relating to the project, the estimated investment cost of which is anticipated to be USD 60 million, would be started in 2010.

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