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Park Elektrik has been operating a copper mine in Siirt, Madenköy since the last quarter of 2006. According to reserve research of Eti Holding, there exists 13 million tons of initial reserve in the zone. Park Elektrik carries out new reserve researches in Madenköy copper zone, the right to operation of which belongs to itself, and targets to increase the useable reserve.

Park Elektrik processes the pit-run ore, extracted from Madenköy Zone, at its concentration facilities and sells concentrate copper as the end-product. Rate of conversion of pit-run ore to the copper is 1/10. The rate of pure copper in the concentrate copper sold by our Company varies by the rates between 2% and 2.4%; and this is called copper grade. This rate is determined by an internationally independent institution and the sales price is naturally determined based on this rate.

Copper concentration amount sold by our Company from the beginning up to date is shown below in dry metric tones (“dmt”). This refers to measurement unit of the concentrate copper in international market.

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