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Role of Park Elektrik in the Group

Park Elektrik A.Ş. is a member of Ciner Group of Companies. Ciner Group is one of the largest groups of Turkey, investments of which diversify into from mining to energy and from tourism to media. Majority of Park Elektrik shares other than publicly-held shares are held by real persons and legal entities in the group.

Position of Park Elektrik in Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE)

Park Elektrik is the only publicly-held company of the group. With its 32% publicly-held shares, Park Elektrik is one of the companies, which has the highest rate of public shares in the ISE.

Subject of Activity

Having been established as a textile company, Park Elektrik completely left the textile sector and directed its investments towards energy and mining in 2000s. The Company is still operating a copper mine in Siirt/Madenköy. Pit-run reserve of the mine has been determined as approximately 13 million tons. Pit-run copper extracted is concentrated at the concentration facilities of the Company and then exported. Annual capacity of the concentration facilities is 100,000 tons of concentrate copper per year. Out of one hundred units of ore, extracted from the mine, nearly ten units of concentrate copper are produced. These ten units of concentrate copper vary according to the copper content in the soil and contain about two units of pure copper. The Company does not produce pure copper and export the same at the concentration stage.

The Company’s other subject of activity is the production of asphaltite. Asphaltite mine is in Silopi and has been leased to the Company by Turkish Coal Administration until 2033. Asphaltite is a petroleum-derivative and hydrocarbon-based fuel-oil. The asphaltite produced is sold to Silopi Elektrik A.Ş. that is a group company.

With regard to hydro-electric power plant with the installed capacity of 50.5 MW, to be established on the border of the province of Siirt, a generation license for 49 years has been obtained from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority in December 2008. Our Company plans to start its investments related to hydro-electric power plant in 2010.
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