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Although asphaltite deposits in Turkey include rare metals such as nickel, molybdenum, vanadium and uranium, it is rarely used for heating purposes in the East and Southeast Anatolian Regions. Additionally, the asphaltite is used in production of dyes, polishes, auto tires, electricity isolation, battery protectors, expanded rubber (caoutchouc), floor tiles, water-resistant cables and the like. Besides, the asphaltite has recently become important as the synthetic petroleum source. However, the synthetic petroleum production is out of question any longer for the reasons that the total reserve is deemed inconsiderable and majority of the reserve convenient for open mining has already been operated.

Asphaltite enterprises in Turkey were transferred to the Turkish Coal Administration in 1979 as per Law No.2127, enforced in 1978. The relevant enterprise was later on called Southeast Anatolia Asphaltite and Lignite Administration (GAL). In 2002, activities of the Turkish Coal Administration in the Province of Şırnak were ceased according to the general economic policies of the government. Thereupon, the Turkish Coal Administration decided that 63 asphaltite zones would be operated by the private sector by the way of royalty (leasing). At the first step, the procedures were started to transfer 14 asphaltite zones to the private sector.

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