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First of all, copper is a metal. A flexible metal with the atomic number 29. Since its heat and electrical conductivity is extremely good, it is widely used in many fields of industry. It takes second place after silver in electrical conductivity. In other words, very minor percentage of copper mass is lost while conducting electricity.

Conductivity is measured in Siemens /M in general. For the other metals:

Silver 63.01 x 106
Copper 59.6 x 106
Aluminum 37.8 x 106

The silver has the highest rate of conductivity. Then comes the copper. Although not stated in the table above, the gold takes the third place.

However, the copper has been discovered beforehand penetration of electricity into the human life. Initial archeological records regarding processing the copper trace back to ten thousand years before. It is estimated that the copper has ever been so popular in creating objects and ornaments as well as hand tools thanks to its easy treatability and being one of the few pure metals in the nature before discovery of its conductivity.

Particularly, the need for copper had increased fast particularly after the industrial revolution. Today, the copper has important rate of utilization in many sectors from the electric equipment of buildings, automobiles and satellites - put into the orbit round the earth - to the electricity distribution networks, and is widely used in numerous industrial products from M3 players to the magnetic resonances.
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